Is Your Business On Facebook?

In the early days of Facebook, and even recently as a few years ago, “being on Facebook” used to mean having a business profile page (then called “fan pages”) and posting regular, engaging content. You’d show up in your fans timelines, get lots of likes and shares…those were the days!


Oh, what a different world we live in. Like any other business, Facebook has bills to pay, and this meant the introduction of the new pay-to-play environment we now see on the mega-platform. While organic reach dropped drastically as page administrators saw less and less fan activity, a new day dawned for innovative marketers.


Reaching your valued customers now means paid ads, but the customers are indeed there, and the data is oh-so-rich. With the ability to target users by zip codes, income levels, household size and much more, it’s not a matter of “is my customer on there”, it’s a matter of “how to best reach my customer on there”.

Facebook Advertising Essentials : A winning campaign

Your business is unlike any other business, so a cookie-cutter campaign won’t do. Working closely together, we’ll craft & deploy your winning offer.

The Goal

Facebook is the ideal platform for virtually any kind of business goal. From brand exposure and website traffic to event registrations and purchases, we’ll start here based on your business needs.

The Offer

Every effective marketing campaign begins with a truly exceptional offer. Your audience is savvy yet bombarded with offers all day long. We’ll work to craft the ideal offer designed to attract your ideal customer.

The Audience

An terrific offer for the wrong audience isn’t just ineffective, it’s a waste of money. Perhaps the most exhausting aspect of preparing for a Facebook campaign, our team will identify your target market and find some hidden gems.

The Ads

There are two insanely important elements to any Facebook ad; the copy & the image. Thanks to our proven templates and our super talented graphic designers, you’ll have both well-covered.

The Landing Page

Too many business send traffic directly to cluttered, confusing web pages with no clear call to action or other essential elements missing. Your campaigns include clean, beautifully designed landing pages built by us, approved by you.

The Management

Once a campaign is built and deployed, the real work begins. Our team will watch, adjust, tweak and manipulate settings to ensure maximum lead generation for the lowest possible acquisition costs.